Monthly Archives: April 2014

US College Admissions in the News

A couple of articles about US college admissions made the headlines recently.  I thought I’d bring them up and comment on them. Best, Brightest and Rejected: Elite Colleges Turn Away Up to 95% New York Times, April 8. 2014   This article made quite a few waves among the parents of college admission hopefuls here […]

What’s So Special About Liberal Arts Schools?

This morning, I got an email from a very bright young woman who is a prospective applicant to US colleges.  She wrote, quite simply, “So what’s so special about a liberal arts school?”  I was tempted to write her a long reply but then decided…why not write a blog post about it? If you’ve been […]

Mistakes We Make When Applying to US Colleges (Part Two)

Last post, I wrote about mistakes that US college applicants make. I realized that while that post was directed at Philippine applicants, these mistakes are often repeated by students regardless of where they are. Anyway, I plow on…. Top heavy college lists. By top heavy, I mean that the college application list is populated mostly […]