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Mistakes We Make When Applying to US Colleges (Part One)

As the 2013-2014 US college application season comes to a close, hopeful high school seniors will be getting admission decisions. As they get their yeses and noes, it’s important to begin looking ahead to the upcoming season and for the rising seniors and juniors to see what they can do differently to make better applications […]

When Colleges Say No

At about this time of the year running to the end of the month, US colleges and universities will be releasing (or will have released) their admission decisions for Regular Decision candidates.  Unfortunately, for more than a few students they will be getting some rejection letters in the (paper and electronic) mail. It’s natural to […]

The (False) Appeal of the Ivy League: Part Two

In my previous post, I wrote about why I thought the appeal of the Ivy League was a sham.  I wrote that the student culture which focused on outcomes and grades was toxic to a true learning and intellectual environment.  In this week’s installment, I hope to address a couple of other issues: namely, do […]