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The (False) Appeal of the Ivy League: Part One

I was looking at my blog stats today and I noticed that the topic that gets the most hits is The Ivy League. So being the attention junkie that I am, I thought, heck, why don’t I write about the Ivy League again and see if my readership jumps up. It’s no secret that most […]

Test Optional Schools

You studied your butt off for the SAT, went and took that 3 hour 45 minute monster and waited, waited, waited for the result.  Finally, you log on to the College Board website, and…hmm…those scores look…. Okay, there’s no sugar coating it… you “flunked” the SAT.   Well, you didn’t flunk technically because no one […]


    Most Filipino applicants to US colleges are unaware that there is an alternative to the dreaded SAT.  It’s called the ACT.  Like the SAT, it is a college entrance test and is multiple choice with an optional writing component. The ACT is also administered in the Philippines at International School Manila in Taguig as […]