Monthly Archives: January 2014

Got to Know When to Let Go

    I was on Skype a few weeks ago with my son Tyler. Between talking about his schoolwork and his roommate, he mentioned to me how one of his former classmates at ISM is complaining about her mother. His friend is a first year student attending a large Canadian university where she lives in […]

Why You Need a College Admission Counselor

Over the Christmas holidays, I received a most welcome gift.  Well, it wasn’t exactly a gift because I had worked for it for over a year.  The non-gift in question was my diploma from UCLA Extension declaring that I finished their six course + 65 hour practicum college counseling program and was now a certified […]

College Profile: New College of Florida

If you come, you won’t get an Ivy League education.  You’ll get something better:  a sense of your own power to learn and discover and achieve.   And unlike the Ivies, where reports of grade inflation is as common as  a 3.9 GPA, New College isn’t about the gold star.   It’s about the process.  Students who […]