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How to Search for US Colleges

How to Search for US Colleges I saw this link today on my Facebook feed.  Wonderful stuff and I don’t have to write a word of it.  Great web page chock full of great advice and the book it’s from College Admissions:  From Application to Acceptance:Step by Step is one I highly recommend. Advertisements

Quick Tips Regarding US College Admissions

I haven’t posted on my blog for almost three weeks!  I’ve been so busy with being at the hospital and finishing the final requirements for my online college counseling certificate that the blog has taken a back seat.  So I thought I’d fire a brief one off then take the time to write a longer […]

Why Applying to 22 Colleges Is Not a Good Idea

I was browsing through my Facebook page today and I ran into this while on the Overseas Association of College Admission Counseling (OACAC) page that I happen to belong to: I intend on (sic) applying to 22 colleges.  I know the work that is required for this but I am prepared. It was a quote […]