Monthly Archives: October 2013

Financial Aid to US Colleges for International Students

When I went to Santa Clara (back when Ronald Reagan was US President), financial aid for international students was a much simpler topic to deal with:  there wasn’t any!  Fortunately for me, my money made 20% sitting in a bank and I rode that tide to four years of undergraduate education.  These days, the picture […]

Extra Curricular Activities and the College Application

A parent once asked me, “What extra curricular activities (ECA)  should my son be doing in order to become attractive to the most selective US colleges and universities?”  I think this parent is barking up the wrong tree ; her question seems to imply that there’s a hierarchy of extra curricular activities.  Is Student Council […]

Early Decision, Early Action, Restrictive Early Action…Confused?

  With the looming deadline for Early Decision candidates, I thought it might be a good time to post about Early Decision/Early Action programs. It sure would be nice if you could find out before April whether or not you got into your top choice US college.  Well, be careful what you wish for because […]

A Visit to Lewis & Clark College

Right after my visit to Reed College,  I went to Lewis & Clark College (  Located on top of a hill in Portland,  Lewis & Clark is probably the “woodiest” campus I’ve ever seen.  It’s a bit like going to school in Baguio in the middle of the trees and such. Lewis & Clark is […]