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Books to Read, Kudos to Extend, and a Brief Farewell

Today’s post will be a three headed one.  I wanted to take this opportunity and this forum to recognize the incredible work some young people are doing.  I also wanted to post some book recommendations.  Finally, I want to say a brief farewell. Last Saturday, August 10, I attended the first ever convention of an […]

The Nitty Gritty: The College Application Essay Part Two

Today is my 48th birthday and to celebrate, I’m going to continue my previous post on writing the college application essay.  While the last post was about the “big picture” of writing the college application essay, I’m going to post more “nitty-gritty”, close to the earth stuff.  In other words:  the do’s and the don’ts […]

The College Application Essay

One of the most dreaded aspects of applying to college (here or abroad) is writing the college application essay.  For US colleges, the format and topic of the application essay is stipulated in the new Common Application (CA4) which comes online August 1st.  The topics have changed a bit from years past and the length […]

Inside the Admissions Office

You’ve finally completed your Common Application, written your killer application essay (more about this in a future post), gotten your school to forward your transcripts, your teachers have all sent in their recommendations and the College Board has sent your test scores electronically to the colleges you’re applying to.  Now what?  Well, now you wait. […]