Monthly Archives: July 2013

Making a Great College List

At some point,  you will need to sit down and make a list of about eight to ten colleges that will have the pleasure of receiving and considering your admission application.  There are over 3,000 colleges and universities in the US and though the Common Application makes it very easy (albeit very expensive) to apply […]

Don’t Just Visit the Big Name Schools

I wasn’t really planning on writing on this topic but a friend inspired me.  He and his family are presently in the US, bring their daughter to a student leadership conference at Northwestern University.  They are taking advantage of this time to visit some prospective colleges for that daughter.  Wonderful!  This child is going to […]

College Profile: St. John’s College

If you’re a graduating high school student and have no idea what you want to study in college, you should give St. John’s College a serious look.  Even if you *think* you know what you want to study (my previous post talks about what I think about freshman majors), give St. John’s a serious look. […]

Don’t Let Your College Major Drive Your College Search

For a lot of students, their college search centers around their proposed major.  This is true for students looking at colleges here in the Philippines and abroad.  It seems absurd not to…isn’t the purpose of going to college the major?  Why shouldn’t it be the driving force of which college to attend? It does seem […]