Monthly Archives: June 2013

The Role of Parents in the College Admissions Process

Having been through the college admissions process as a student (many many years ago) and more recently (2013) as a parent, I felt that I should write something about the role of parents.  Too often, parents project their own dreams and wants onto their own child.  They see the process as a referendum on their […]

What Makes a Quality Undergraduate Experience or Why Do I Hate the Ivy League Part II

  In my previous post, I talked about why I did NOT hate the Ivy League itself.  I do hate something called “Ivy worship” which is a mindset that students, parents, and some educators have that Ivy League schools and their clones and wannabes (I define these technical terms in the previous post too) are […]

Why Do I Hate the Ivy League

I was recently asked by a reader of this blog, “Why do you hate the Ivy League so much?  Did you not get in, is that why you hate it so?  Are you just jealous?”  So it got me to thinking that I should set the record straight here. First of all, I don’t HATE […]

Where Do I Begin?

  I hear a lot of parents (and I wish more students) ask me this question.  Amidst all the colleges, guidebooks, SATs, etc. where does one indeed begin the college application journey?  This is a great question and the first step, arguably the most important, is often the most neglected.  The best place to start […]

The Joy of Imperfect Grades

My post today will lean slightly away from my usual college admission drivel and be a bit more personal.  But don’t worry it has *something* to do with college admission too. Exactly a week ago, my older son, Tyler, graduated high school from International School Manila.  It was certainly a proud moment for me, for […]