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More about college rankings

More about college rankings If you want to see a more balanced, less “frothing-from-the-mouth” view of college rankings, this link takes you to the National Association of College Admission Counselors (NACAC) and their more sober remarks of how truly evil college rankings are. ūüôā Advertisements

College Profile: Deep Springs College

¬† If you’ve ever wanted to be a cowboy…and go to college at the same time…then you should look at Deep Springs College. ¬†A two year institution nestled in the middle of a cattle ranch and alfalfa farm, its 26 students (Yes, no typo there…there are only 26 students here) work the ranch, milk the […]

South Korean SAT Cheating Scandal: Whole Country’s Results Cancelled

¬† I was going to take a few days off from posting yet another article…this time, another college profile on two-year Deep Springs College when this link caught my eye. I think it’s simply amazing how an entire country’s SAT results could be cancelled by a few (and I’m pretty convinced that this was […]


No three letters of the alphabet strike more fear in the US college applicant than these three letters. ¬†In many ways, it represents much of what is wrong with the college application process. ¬†But let’s tackle some questions about it first. 1. ¬†What is the SAT and how does one pass it? The SAT (formerly […]

College Profile: Reed College

I’m going to start a new feature in my blog: ¬†college profiles. ¬†Here, I’ll introduce to you some ¬†of the more interesting, less well known colleges in America. ¬†One thing these schools have in common is that they offer, in their own way, a unique (and excellent) undergraduate experience. ¬†I will not profile the well […]

True or Not True: Popular Myths about Applying to US Schools

I recently heard about a¬†disappointed¬†mother who lamented the fact that her son, who had just graduated from Xavier School, was waitlisted at Boston College. ¬†She wished that she had transferred her son to International School or British School so he would “qualify” for the Ivies. ¬†It occurred to me that there are many myths surrounding […]