Monthly Archives: March 2013

Good luck!!!!

We interrupt our two part blog entry for this special good wishes bulletin.  The US college search season for the Class of 2013 is coming to a close.  Although many colleges and universities have been telling their applicants their admission decisions for about a week or two now, the big guns (the Ivies, Stanford, etc.) […]

The Importance of FIT (Part One)

      As a former high school teacher, I’m often asked by students:  what is the best college out there?  Is Ateneo better than La Salle?   Kids always hear:  it depends on what you’re studying…if business, then Ateneo, if engineering, maybe La Salle.  It goes on and on. Very often, when parents and […]

Hello World!

Hello world indeed!   My name is John Sy and this blog is all about applying to and attending US colleges and universities.  It is written specifically for students from the Philippines who want to do their undergraduate (bachelor’s degree) work there.  While it is not directed specifically to graduate  students (master’s and PhD), some […]